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Complete design and creative direction for which includes 6 versions, the default international site, a custom version for Europe and translated versions for Japan. China, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

100% new site went live on April 2, 2007. It has a completely redesigned interface which I created and executive produced. The site now has 10 product categories, 2800 pages and features over 4000 products. The Japanese site launched in July of 2008 and has seen traffic growth of 10-fold over the past year. The French version went live in 2011, followed by a German version in 2012 and the Dutch version in the summer of 2014.

While the current site is constantly updated and improved, we are in development of a completely new site due to launch in 2016.

The original Spectrum site, which I also designed and produced, launched on February 24, 2003 with over 700 pages and 2500 products.

The site was expanded and updated in March 2004 adding new product features.  The Flash promotion box on the front door was completely redesigned.

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