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With over 25 years experience in the design and creative production fields, I come extremely experienced for any creative challenge.

I have been fortunate to express my design and creative production abilities through a number of different outlets.  I spent much of my career designing for television including the shows ALF, Mary, Buffalo Bill, Who's the Boss and Working Girl, CNET Central, The New Edge, The Web, and CNET

As managing partner for Eastgate Properties, I purchased, designed and renovated estates in the Bel-Air area of Los Angeles, properties in the San Fernando Valley and Laguna Beach, California.

Since 2001, as Creative Director and Director of Production for Creative Resources Design Group, a full-service design consultancy, my primary focus is building and maintaining design continuity of my clients' corporate and brand identities. I am responsible for carrying this voice across all areas including web, print, marketing, product development and facility design.

For 17 years, through Creative Resources, I was Creative Director for Spectrum Labs. In addition to corporate identity and all other creative responsibilities, I created the interface, designed and executive produced and 8 international versions including Spectrum Europe in April 2006, Spectrum Japan in July 2008, Spectrum France in November 2011, Spectrum China in March 2012, Spectrum Germany in June of 2013, Spectrum Netherlands in the summer of 2014, Spectrum India in the Spring of 2016 and Spectrum Korea in the Spring of 2017. This has been responsible for more than quadrupling of the company's world-wide Internet presence and a 50-fold increase in web sales since 2002. I oversaw all upgrades to the sites, continuously adding new features and improvements.

I was part of the team that turned around the company from flat-growth to 20% sales increase year over year. This resulted in a buyout by another bioprocessing company for 400 million dollars.

In the first quarter of 2006, I conceived, designed and launched Spectrum's extremely successful email marketing program. I continue to creative direct, design and supervise all technical aspects of the program which is directly responsible for unprecedented increases in Spectrum's brand awareness and overall sales domestically and internationally.

Also with Creative Resources, I continue to be very active in a variety of architectural design projects.

From 1995 to 2000, as Director of Production, CNET Creative Group, I managed the creative process for CNET Networks, (now owned by Red Venture). I was responsible for the execution of design in all areas of the company including web, broadcast, marketing, print, corporate and facilities. I also served as acting art director for CNET Marketing during 1996.

Websites we designed included,,,,,,,, and Other web-based projects included, a joint venture with CNET & NBC Internet,, a joint venture with CNET & E! Entertainment, and Mediadome, a joint venture with CNET & Intel.

I received four Emmy awards (click link for press release) for my work producing the graphic packages of CNET Central, CNET's flagship television show,The New Edge and The Web (go to Broadcast section). Our Creative Group also received two additional Emmy's for the main title design of the CNBC television series CNET

I served in the role as direct liaison with the company's advertising agency with final production sign-off of all media placement during CNET's 100 million dollar brand-awareness ad campaign.

In 2000, I joined IFILM (now Spike TV - owned by Viacom) for one year as Vice President of Creative Services. I was responsible for all design initiatives including web, print, marketing and corporate communications.

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